Allentown Comic-con was a blast!

Thanks to everyone for visiting the Fantasy Killer booth at the Allentown Comic-con! Check out these great pics from the event! 

Cotton Candy and Comics! Thanks Cosmic Comix Halloweenfest!

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Signing at Cosmic Comix Halloweenfest! It was spook-tacular! (oh man, that was bad. My apologies) 

Thanks to Everyone who stopped by the Fantasy Killer table at the Annapolis Comic-con!

Kevin had a fantastic time at Annapolis Comic-Con this Weekend! Thanks to everyone who made the weekend great. 

Stories from Artist Alley

I keep forgetting to share this amusing story from Baltimore Comic-Con...Some older folks stopped by the table and looked over the book while asking for a summary of the story. Their eyes grew wide as they declared, "Your character Alex...he's just like our son, Alex. Is he a good guy, or a bad guy?" I replied "Well, life's not always that simple, is it?" They left and later returned towards the end of the day. Alex's father said with a smile on his face "We really would like to buy this book, and also get a copy for our son, but we have a serious question for you. Alex doesn't kill his parents or anything, does he?!" Our booth erupted with laughter and I answered "No promises, and no spoilers."